How Kids Can Develop Back Pain and What You Should Do

When you think about back pain, you may start to think about your age and remember that back pain doesn't come alone. After all, people tend to wear themselves out as the years go by, and poor lifestyle choices can sometimes contribute to issues with their mobility. You may not think about younger people or children in relation to back pain, but the truth is, this type of issue can affect them as well. If your kids are complaining about back pain, what could be going wrong and what should you do?

On the Sofa

Most kids today have a smart device of some kind. They may spend many a long hour glued to the screen, and often, this screen will sit in their lap. They may not exhibit good posture while they are playing their favourite game or chatting online, and this can often lead to issues with their neck and back. If you find that they are also doing their homework on a laptop that is perched, as the name suggests, on their lap, then you need to take steps to fix the situation. Create a better workstation for them so that they don't spend a lot of time slouched over, and give them a decent chair too.

After School

If your kids are still heading off to school on a regular basis, make sure that they are equipped properly to cope with the demand. They may have to take a lot of stuff to school including textbooks, a change of clothing for sporting activities and other items. If they have a long way to go to school, make sure that they are carrying a bag that is suitably designed to help them with their posture. This will lead to less muscle strain and more productivity.

On the Move

Kids may not need to worry so much about regular exercise as their parents, but they should try and avoid a sedentary lifestyle as much as possible. They may get some activity in school, but you should encourage them to take up swimming, biking or running or find another way to be active.

Asking the Expert

If you make these changes and your kids are still complaining of back pain, you should probably take them to see a professional who deals with back pain treatment. They will be able to get to the bottom of the issue and put your mind at rest.